Women In The Civil War Essay

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Important Women and their Role in the Civil War The American Civil war lasted for four years from 1861-1865. The war occurred because of a controversy on differences of beliefs, with the primary reason being slavery and state’s rights. The war resulted in the killing of over 600,000 soldiers. The war had a lot of advances in American culture. This began the first military draft, advances in war via ships, and newer forms of guns. The war divided the North (Union) and the South (Confederate) by states and the war ultimately ended with the victory of the North. Another unexpected addition to this war was that women were involved in many different facets. Some women secretly fought in the war, but others played parts as spies, nurses, abolitionists, and feminists. Women did not generally have a place in the days before the civil war, except as home makers so with the diversity …show more content…

She also acted as a civil war nurse, an advocate for civil rights and a leader in the underground railroad. Harriett Tubman, born Araminta Ross, was birthed in 1819 or 1820 as a slave. She changed her name to Harriett in honor of her mother and propositioned her owner to marry a freedman John Tubman. Her owners agreed to the marriage if she continued to work their plantation. Harriett led a challenging life and relied on her faith in God to assist her in her freedom and freedom of others. Harriett had dreams of running away and was inspired by a fellow slave Nat Turner to finally make the journey. During her childhood she was hit in the head with a rock causing symptoms of narcolepsy which led to further complications in her path to freedom. She was given information about the underground railroad leading her to freedom, including to follow the North star, the side of the tree the moss grows on and to use the river to her benefit losing her sent for the dogs that would begin hunting her. She finally made it to Philadelphia and claimed her

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