Harriet Tubman Aka Araminta Ross

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Harriet Tubman: Biography
Harriet Tubman aka Araminta Ross was born a slave on the plantation. She was born in Dorchester County, Maryland on 1820. She successfully escaped slavery at age 29. Ms.Tubman was a civil rights activist. She freed hundreds of slaves to the North & was known as “Moses & General Tubman.”
Harriet was one of nine kids; four brothers & four sisters. Her parents Ben Ross (Dad) & Harriet “Rit” Green (Mom) were also slaves. The violence she was put through caused her to have permanently physical injuries. At age 24 she married a man named John Tubman. Harriet fled from slavery in 1849 & off to Philadelphia. There was a reward of $300 for Araminta,Harry & Ben to return.
Tubman would use the network known as the Underground

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