Why Did Harriet Tubman Over 300 Slaves Escape

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Harriet Tubman helped and saved lots of slaves escape through the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman was born a slave, she ran away from Maryland to freedom in the North at the Philadelphia in 1849. For 10 years, she repeated secret trips back to Maryland to help more slaves escape. Harriet helped over 300 slaves escape to the north to freedom in Canada. A fun fact about Harriet Tubman is that Harriet Tubman is not her birth name, her birth name is Araminta Ross; she then later took the first name of her mom, Harriet Ross. Harriet Tubman also got married to John Tubman which is how her last name is Tubman. John Tubman was also a freed slave, in 1844, but John was a freed slave before Harriet. After the Civil War began in 1861 Harriet Tubman

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