Women's Role In The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War was a series of battles fought from 1861 to 1865 between the North, the Union, and the South, the Confederacy, of the United States of America over the disagreements on the acceptance of slavery. It was a long fought war with high casualties on both sides. Due to that, even more civilians were needed to become soldiers, spies, and etc. Men were always the ones that were expected to fill those positions, despite some of them not wanting to. Women were expected to stay home as the men in their life left for the war. A female becoming a soldier or a spy or any kind of person that helped throughout these battles was unheard of. But there were so many women that did, some disguised and some not. The role that women held in the American …show more content…

Men were always the workers within the family, the ones that were expected to provide for their families. When they went to war, their role within community life needed to be filled. That is when their wives, daughters, and sisters stepped up and took over. “In addition to caring for their families, [women] were left to supervise businesses and farms while the men were away fighting” (Senker). Women were already cooking, cleaning, and caring for their children, but still made time to work and provide as a father figure every single day. Women also faced, “severe shortages of food, clothing, and other goods, while inflation raised the price of everything they had to buy. Spare parts for farm equipment were hard to find,” (Senker). That never stopped these strong females. Without them, the community life during the war would have been in ruins. The whole town would have suffered if females didn’t step up when their male partners left for war. Farms would be over grown, animals would be roaming, businesses would shut down, and the family line of work would be destroyed. Men may have went to fight for the country, but some women stayed back and saved the country from falling

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