Annotated Bibliography On The War Of 1812

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Annotated Bibliography: The War of 1812 The War of 1812 by Harry L. Cole Review by Noble E. Cunningham, Jr. Midcontinent American Studies Journal, Vol.7, No. 2(Fall, 1966), p.74 Web. 8 Dec.2014 Noble E. Cunningham, Jr. reviewed the book written by Harry L. Cole. The book provides a summary of the military history of the war. He pointed out there were several factors that led to the War of 1812. Great Britain wanted France out the way. The United States trading with foreign countries as well as Britain holding Nate Americans hostage with guns. Britain was forcing U.S. sailors to serve on British Navy ships. Americans wanted to save their honor in face of British insults was forced out and acknowledge. The War of 1812 by John K. Mahon Review by Frank A. Cassell. The Journal of Southern History, Vol.39, No.3, (Aug,1973), …show more content…

Skeen talks about how most authors often neglect the role of the British during the War of 1812. The writer of the original review was professor Reginald Horsman. Horsman discussed the origin on how the war started. He also describes the roles of everyone during the war. Great Britain was in bitter dog fight with Napoleon Bonapartes France. They wanted to cut off supplies from reaching the enemy sides which lead to the block of the United States from trading with the other. Around 1807-1808 Britain passed the Orders in Council to require neutral countries to obtain a license from its authorities before trading with France. The U.S. Congress repealed Thomas Jefferson’s unpopular Embargo Act, by restricting trades. This cause hurt Americans more than either Britain or France. Women had the toughness jobs of war 1812, women on the battlefield helped pass water to the soldiers. Women were place in forts by high-ranking officers to watch over the soldiers while they are sleep. On top of all of this they worked in houses as cooks as well as nursemaids and laundresses. In this war women took jobs doing war work while the men were

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