Book Review Of 1812 By Walter R Borneman

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Walter R. Borneman writes the book 1812: The war that forged a nation in a way that made it a unique book. Reading the book felt like you were playing a board games such as battleship; a game that involved moving pieces around a board to try and beat your opponent. In the case of this book the opponent being the British. The book has so much of a focus on naval battles and really helps show the struggle of a newly formed country. This is different then most tales of a war, especially the war of 1812. It really gives the reader an insight to how important a navy was, considering the British had one of if not the best navies in the world. So much of this war is not known or even given much attention that books like these remain an important portal back into this war period for the newly create America. The book is broken up into 3 books, each book a different part of the war. The different books illustrate different parts of the war and the victory and defeats of each area dealt with. Besides the 3 books the main focus of Borneman is three different war theaters; these theaters being land, sea, and Canada. Yes Canada gets its own theater and actually was a very important part of the war. …show more content…

The last thing it needed was this was. The land battles of the war of 1812 were all over the place. The part of the war fought on actual American soil resulted in the burning of Washington, the fact that anyone really knows about the war. When the British were able to muster together troops for a land assault they focused on key objectives. The burning of Washington led Madison, president at the time, with no control over any stand army over militia. The British would have kept destroying objectives and burning important government buildings to the ground but were stopped at Ft. McHenry. This is where the famous “Star-spangled banner” was written by Francis Scott

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