Why Did Canada Win The Battle Of Vimy

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On July 28th,1914 the First World War and ended on November 11, 1918, what we know now as Remembrance Day. Numerous people died because of countless countries fighting over land. The Battle of Vimy was one of the most important battles that Canada won in four days. Before 1914 Canada did not appear as a proper country, although it got its independence thanks to John A. MacDonald. Britain kept Canada under its feet although we were an independent nation. World War 1 brought the country together. Britain backed away because of the military; Britain and Canada were buying guns, tanks, and more supplies and that would be expensive. First, when the war had begun, Canada was fighting to support Great Britain. As the days when by Canada starts fighting …show more content…

Many countries tried to reclaim it for years, but they were unsuccessful. Canada won the battle at Vimy Ridge in four long days. At Vimy Bridge over 10, 600 soldiers were wounded and killed. Before Canada had tried to take over Vimy Ridge, French and Britain tried, but they were unsuccessful. Canada alone won the battle at Vimy Ridge. The war resulted in Canada and Britain changing their relationships. Canada was automatically a part of the war because of Britain. Britain had declared war on Germany which meant that Canada was also dragged in because of Canada’s mother who was Britain. Many soldiers fighting over the seas were farmers, doctors, real-estate agents, and more. The WW1 circumstances were not suitable for the amateur fighters. There weren’t enough men to work so. Therefore, they were dragging people over the age of 18 to fight in the war. When finally the war was over Canada gained its freedom after 51 years of the confederation. Even more, Canada earned more independence from Britain. Britain was the mother of Canada, and it made most of Canada's decisions even though we gained our independence. Canada was prosperous in Vimy, and many other battles because we worked as one (team). There were other problems with Canada still, but the most important got solved. Now, Canada’s economy was low and was not doing well. At least Canada became one nation;

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