War Of 1812 Dbq Essay

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Brandon King History 1301 HW 2 8 AM What were the causes and results of the War of 1812? The war of 1812 was yet another war that the United States got caught up with. There were several reasons as to what caused this war to begin. Let 's go back to the year of 1806 when France declared it to be illegal for “all neutral trade with Great Britain” (War of 1812 - 1815). The very next year in 1807 Great Britain decided that they were going to play the same game as France and made it illegal for France and all allies of France to trade with each other. In response to the childish games that France and Great Britain were playing the United States Congress passed laws to “[prohibit] U.S. vessels” from doing business with the European Nations (War of 1812 - 1815). In 1810 the United States decided that realistically this wasn 't exactly doing what it was suppose to so they opened trade back up with the European Nations on the condition that France and Great Britain…show more content…
The British Naval Forces were seizing ships not just from America but from other European Nations as well. However, what really angered the American government was how they, British Naval Forces, were not just seizing the ships but “[insulting] and [injuring] the American seamen’ (Chapter 6: The War of 1812). Understand by no means was France doing much different, they did stop some American ships from going through, however, Great Britain was by far the primary offender due to its “greater command of the sea” (Chapter 6: The War of 1812). Another insult to the American people, seamen, and American Government was when the Royal Navy captured American seamen and forced them into working for the Royal Navy. Due to this treachery President Madison went to Congress on June 1st, 1812 and asked “for a Declaration of War” even though the British complied with the demands of the American Government (War of 1812 -
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