War Of 1812 Research Paper

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The forces that led Americans to declare war on Britain in 1812 were impressment of american sailors, problems with the natives, and the War Hawks. Impressment is the kidnapping American Sailors and forcing them to serve in the British Navy. Although the problems with the natives were obviously the americans’ fault, the settlers blamed the British for supplying them weapons and inciting them to attack. Then there are these western politicians who wanted war so that they can gain the Canadian territory. Americans didn’t declare war on just these three causes, but they were the main causes that pushed for this war. Impressment was a serious problem that has long been happening since Washington’s presidency. Merchants would send out sailors to the Mediterranean to trade with other …show more content…

What truly made impressment an issue for the americans was the Chesapeake Affair. there were 2 french ships that had been damaged during a hurricane. They then came into U.S ports for repairs. While docked, the British had followed and had waited for the two ships to come back out to sea. On one of the british ships were 3 american and 1 british sailors. Since being impressed and being so close to shore, they all decided to jump ship and swim for the coast. They enlisted in the American Navy, hoping to guarantee some protection. While the British had demanded that the Americans give back the impressed sailors the americans said no. Once the British learned that they weren’t going to get their sailors back, they decided to coast up to the USS Chesapeake and fire upon it. According to a congressional report, it is stated that the use of the oceans and to trade were rights. As stated here, “To sum up, in a word, the great causes of complaint against Great Britain, your committee need only say, that the United States, as a

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