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The Battle of New Orleans The Battle of New Orleans was a significant time in history. It was supposed to end the war but it did nothing even close to that. The battle just made things worse if you really think about it. The battle was a lot worse than you think. 2,000 men were killed and 58 wounded or missing. On January 8, 1815, American leader General Andrew Jackson led the Americans and he had 5,000 men. Of the 5,000 men Jackson had, there was more than 2,000 more on the British side. Major-General Edward Pakenham led 7,500 soldiers in the battle. Surprisingly, the Americans won the battle. And you’re going to find out how in the next few paragraphs. The battle was the last battle of the War of 1812. The battle started on January 8, 1815 …show more content…

They were killing them left and right. Bodies laid on the ground while more men fought. There were men that weren’t killed but were severely injured also. The British were on a killing rampage and they didn’t stop until the American soldiers finally had enough to overpower them and kill most of them. The battle was fought on land and water. The Mississippi river is the river that the British planned to capture so the Americans held ground and fought to protect it. They were protecting what they wanted and they were great at it. They didn’t give up. They wanted to fight until they won, and they did just that. American forces might have been fewer, but they sure were stronger. Not so much as stronger than smarter in battle. They held their ground and didn’t back away when Pakenham came in with more soldiers than they had. Americans were strong-headed and that was a good thing for them in the end. In the end, America ended up with the victory of the battle of New Orleans. The victory was a great one for the Americans and it made its way into history, just like the War of 1812 did. The Battle of New Orleans helped America win respect from other countries and helped them have confidence for themselves. The Battle of New Orleans was a significant time in history and it changed America

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