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The Battle of New Orleans was a monumentous moment in the evolution of New Orleans. The importance of the Battle of New Orleans was to make sure Britain was not able to conquer New Orleans because they would take control of the Mississippi River and essentially control sea commerce. The events that occurred from 1763-1829 resulted in New Orleans being governed under different regimes to ensure safety from Britain. There are two primary sources that will be discussed in order to help define the time period I have chosen. The first primary source is the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The Treaty of Paris (1763) was signed by Great Britain, France, and Spain and with Portugal in agreement, after Britain’s victory of the Seven Years’ War over France and…show more content…
The Treaty of Paris says that all treaties prior to this treaty should be renewed because this will provide peace between the states and set the grounds for the Treaty of Paris. Essentially, the main reason for the Treaty of Paris is to acknowledge British dominance over France and Spain. The Treaty of Paris is mainly about giving back the territories that were conquered from the war to the original country they were conquered from. Britain however, was able to obtain more than France and Spain. To re-establish peace between the states, France and Britain decided to split the Mississippi river in half giving Britain everything on the east half except for New Orleans. Spain also had to give up Florida to get back Havana in Cuba. Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal promise to act in good faith and not infringe upon the rights of another country, whether that is directly or indirectly. After the preamble and the main articles there are also three separate articles that state there should be no prejudice and nothing should be cited or quoted as precedent including the use of the French language. The last article explains that even though Portugal did not officially sign the Treaty as Britain, France and Spain did they are formally included as a contracting…show more content…
This treaty signifies that France gave Louisiana to the west of the Mississippi river and New Orleans to Spain. According to the article, A Native Response to the Transfer of Louisiana: The Red River Caddos and Spain, 1762-1803, it states that, “three months later, in the Treaty of Paris, which invalidated the Fontainebleau agreement, France partitioned Louisiana between Great Britain and Spain.” Therefore, after the Fontainebleau agreement became invalid, France had to separate Louisiana between Great Britain and Spain. Article 7 of the Treaty of Paris 1763 explains that the Mississippi river was split between Britain and France; everything on the right side of the river still belongs to France including New Orleans and everything on the left side was given to Britain. New Orleans remained under the Spanish rule until 1800 when France and Spain created another secret convention called Treaty of Ildefonso, where Spain gave France, New Orleans back but New Orleans still remained under the Spanish rule. Louisiana including New Orleans had to be split between Britain and Spain in order to avoid Britain obtaining New Orleans. The purpose of trading New Orleans was to ensure Britain does not get ahold of it, otherwise Britain would take over the Mississippi river for commerce and control more

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