Battle Of Normandy Essay

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The Battle of Normandy otherwise known as “D-Day” was one of the most famous battles to be held during World War II and took place over a fifty mile stretch of the Normandy coastline. Allied forces that included the United States, United Kingdom and Canada took over Nazi forces which eventually lead to the mass destruction of the German forces. This intense invasion started on June 6th, 1944 and included parachute landings, air and naval attacks and many different phases of land and sea invasions throughout the day. The Allied forces were equipped with a staggering amounts of weaponry including, fifty thousand vehicles, four thousand warships and over eleven thousand planes ready to send into action. Choosing a supreme commander for this attack was crucial and …show more content…

The United States, Britain and Canada were not short of any weaponry and had more troops, vehicles and ships than the opposing forces which proves why it was the biggest seaborne invasion force to ever be constructed. This also made it easier for our troops to cover the German terrain, therefore making it another important factor that lead our men to victory. The success of Operation Fortitude also allowed for the deception of the German army and ultimately made the opposing troops set up military fronts in places the Allied forces would not end up attacking. This devious yet well-planned distraction, lead the Germans to focus on the area of Pas-de-Calais which kept some of their strongest forces away from the beaches of Normandy and the Allied troops until the month of July. The fact that the Allied forces were also able to get ahold of German information and decode certain plans, also added to our benefit during the battle. Clearly, the Allied troops knowledge, planning and deception all played a major role in helping to defeat the German

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