America's Secret D Day Disaster Analysis

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America’s Secret D-Day Disaster America’s Secret D-Day Disaster is a compelling documentary that takes a look at Exercise Tiger, one of the lesser known events of World War Two. Exercise Tiger was supposed to be just a practice run for the invasion of Normandy, but it ended in tragedy. Lack of communication, an attack from German ships, and other coordination mistakes caused the death of over 600 soldiers. With the death toll being so significantly high for a rehearsal exercise, many would ask if Exercise Tiger was really necessary. Though the exercise did not go as planned and many soldiers died, Exercise Tiger helped to prepare the allied forces for the real D-Day invasion in Normandy, France. However, many things could have been done to help prevent the needless casualties during the exercise. …show more content…

What the troops believed would just be a rehearsal turned into a real combat situation. The many mistakes made during Exercise Tiger showed the troops exactly what not to do during the real invasion of Normandy. If Exercise Tiger was never carried out, I believe that the troops could have made the same serious mistakes on D-Day, and the death toll would have been significantly greater. The over 600 men that died during the exercise did not die in vain. If not for the exercise, the men could have been totally unprepared for the invasion of Normandy, and they could have lost thousands of more troops. Even worse, if the soldiers were unprepared the allies could have failed at the invasion of Normandy, changing the course of the entire

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