Juno Beach Vs D-Day Research Paper

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The invasion of Juno beach and The Raid of Dieppe had similarities and differences in their successes and failures. Both the Dieppe Raid and D-day were similar in ways that they were both in conflicts between two opposing forces, but different in their targets. The Dieppe Raid was an operation dispatched by the means of the English consolidated Operations: Central Stations with its objective the French port of Dieppe. For the success of the plan it was imperative that the navy, air force and army of different nationalities cooperated profitably. Although there was much faulty intelligence in the operation; it failed to reveal the presence of many gun and machine gun positions. The foe quality and territory were extraordinarily belittled. The landings had to occur on five different shores without any mishap. The element of surprise was key to the invasion and its success depended on it. The five landing zones that the landing forces had to make secure were Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha, and Utah. By landing on the shores they had to overcome many obstacles. Once they landed they had to make the landing zones secure. Everything depended upon the success or failure of the first wave of invasion. The primary …show more content…

The shores were defended with anti-land obstacles, mine, bunkers armed with machine guns and cannons of various calibers, antitank moats, and barbed wire. Utah was protected by airborne forces. Omaha would be the toughest shore to secure, since it was the best defended. After many hours of battle against Omaha the beach was eventually secure. Gold was under the responsibility of the objective was to reach the road that grows from Caen to Bayeux to block German reinforcements. The intent of sword was to reach Caen and the airport of Carpiquet. All of the shores were of compact sand and present natural passages between the dunes. D-Day was the largest land and water invasion in history of the

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