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June 6th 1944, probably the most important day in history. Not only for the United States but also for all of Europe. D-day started the fall of Nazi Germany who took over pretty much all of Europe during the time of Adolf Hitler. The United States got involved in WW2 because of another event called Pearl Harbor. this is when Japan decided to bomb a naval base in Hawaii which killed a lot of U.S. soldiers and destroyed a lot of our ships. During this invasion the United States and its allies used a lot of different type of tanks which were all very important during this attack. Here are the names and what they did. The main tanks that they used. M4 Sherman Designed after the defeat of the french army the United States engineers this tank transforms into a bulldozer tank but by far this was not the best tank in WW2. M4A4 Sherman …show more content…

Fun facts about D-day. D-day was originally scheduled for June 5th but bad weather conditions influenced Dwight Eisenhower to delay the invasion. In 1943 an early copy of the plans blew out a window of the Norfolk house in London a man walking by turned them saying his eyesight was to bad to read them. At 3am 1900 allied bombers attacked German lines staggering 7million pounds of bombs were dropped that day. Defences on the beaches included concrete gun emplacements, wooden stakes, mines, anti tank obstacles barbed wire, and bobby traps. Soldiers used condoms to keep the end of their rifles dry. There were multiple fake D-day plans. Estimated amount of gasoline came to 50,000 tons a day. There were 30,000 Germans captured from D-day until Christmas of 1944. Largest seaborne invasion in history. The ALlies main strategy was to land amphibious and airborne forces on the Normandy coast between Le Havre and the Cotentin peninsula, with successful establishment of a beachhead with adequate ports. They planned for this operation for two years. From the beginning Eisenhower knew knew that air power would be a critical success in the

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