Why Was D Day A Turning Point

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D-Day was a great turning point in war. It was the battle that helped the Allies win World War 2. D-Day was an operation code-named “Operation Overload”. It was carried out on June 6th, 1944 and was on the shore of Normandy, France. The beaches were divided into 5 sections; Juno - the beach Canada were in charge of, Sword and Gold - beaches that Britain was in charge of, Omaha and Utah - beaches that America was in charge of. It was amazing, because by the end of the day we had captured the whole front. This mission required a lot of planning and precision, and the planning of this mission started in 1943. In order for this plan to work, the Allies had to manipulate the Germans into thinking that Allied troops were coming in from Norway instead of Normandy and they succeeded. Hitler moved his troops over to Norway and left Normandy with only a little protection. D-Day turned out to be a really successful mission which became a turning point for the Allies. D-Day was caused by a number of events. Some of the causes of D-Day are: The Treaty of Versailles - the Treaty goes all the way back to the end of WW1 and it was one of the causes of WW2, …show more content…

We were a country of only 11 million people but we played well above our weight. It seems to me that had a good deal to do with the way Canadians thought of themselves. It was the greatest generation in the sense. People looked at the war as a time when the country found itself.” D-Day was significant to Canada and helped shape our identity. Before D-Day we were a part of Dieppe which failed miserably and had a lot of Canadian casualties. As a result of those sacrifices the Allies were able to make D-Day successful. We helped the Allies win D-Day, it was the test they did at Dieppe and they learnt from their mistakes. Canada was the 1st nation to capture it’s beach at D-Day and our mistakes from D-Day taught us a few valuable lessons which resulted in the success of

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