Why Was D Day Important

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When you look back on American history, you see a long list of iconic battles that have shaped our history as a nation. One that stands apart from all other occurred on June 6th, 1944, D-Day. D-Day is marked by all Americans as a day of triumph, victory, and heroics. It took years of preparation and training to perfect what came to be a turning point in WWII. D-Day penetrated the western front and ultimately ended up being our most essential move to winning the second war of the world. To fully understand the importance of D-Day one must understand the battle from all aspects. As all of America knows D-Day, or “Operation Overlord”, was executed on June 6th, 1944. However, this was not the initial set date. Originally, the set date was for May …show more content…

Germany couldn’t defend the United States and our allies for many reasons. Germany had put most of their defenses in northern Pas-de-Calais. This is exactly what the Allies wanted though. The Allies had used deception through radio messages and morse code to give Rommel every reason to deploy troops in the wrong places. The German air reconnaissance was also poor on the morning of the attacks. The Allies had planned the height of their flight to prevent any detection and they were successful. The German command structure was a complete and utter disaster. The following morning on Omaha beach Private Robert Healey of the 149th engineer division described the site of the beach, “ When we walked down to the beach, it was just an unbelieveable site . There was debris everywhere and all kinds of equipment washing back and forth in the tide. Anything you could think of seemed to be there. We came across a tennis racquet, a guitar, assault jackets, packs, gas masks, everything.” The following day the newspapers were swarmed with headlines such as one from The Chicago Tribune entitled “Doughboys get the Glory for Allies Success” that said, “But this was power, sheer power, with which we were to crack Hitler’s fortress, and men kept coming while the naval guns blasted enemy artillery in pillboxes many feet

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