Personal Narrative: My First Trip To Hawaii

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Being very fortunate to travel, my wife and I decided to traveo to Hawaii. It was our first trip to that paradisaical place. The experience was fabulous from the very beginning. We flew to the island, and before the plane could land, we were amazed at beautiful blue and clarity of the sea. As we reached towards the beach we were able to see the bottom of the ocean. After landing in the island of Oahu, the first impression we had was that the island looked like paradise. Perhaps even the paradise where Adam and Eve lived, after the world was created. The green environment was very exquisite. Coconut trees and palm trees adorned the city of Honolulu. It was beautiful to see how the green grass moved side to side as the wind blew. We had a chance to visit and explore the city of Honolulu, which downtown was full of people from many countries. There was also a palace we saw as a beautiful work of art, and a form of exquisite architecture. In the palace once lived king Kamekameja and his queen during the time Hawaii was ruled. For …show more content…

at the beginning of the second world war. This took place on December 7,1941, or from the words of President Roosevelt it was “the day of infamy”. We enjoyed learning a lot about the history of the event, and seeing where it took place. My lovely wife was so impressed at the beauty of the island, that she told me she would like to move to Hawaii. She would love to own a home with many plants such as the Plumeria, a bush that gives the place a very perfumed environment. We stayed for only two weeks, yet they somehow became the most exciting weeks of our life. We are looking for another opportunity to visit Hawaii again. We will love to see the blue waters, the palms, and coconut trees, the buildings with such excellent architecture, the Pearl Harbor monument, and to chat with such delightful people as the friendly

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