Cruise To Bermuda Research Paper

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I have always enjoyed exploring the world, but the adventure that always sticks out the most was my cruise to the tropical paradise of Bermuda. I have cruised to the Bahamas, as well as spent countless weeks of my lifetime in the Outer Banks. The cruise to Bermuda was only my second time out of the country, leaving from Baltimore, Maryland one Friday afternoon and arriving on the shores of the tropical island on Sunday afternoon. Waking up on a Saturday in the beginning of August and being able to look out the window and seeing water for as far as you can see is a one time thing and an experience like no other. The days spent traveling the open seas, gives you the chance to live life while leaving all of your baggage back on shore. Being prone to motion sickness, but also loving cruises, does not always mix very well. Immediately after waking up on saturday morning I began to feel the effects of the, unnoticeable to most people, rocking motion of the ship. The headaches were the first sign to show, followed by the nauseousness, however the Cruise Line has a simple fix for this issue, Dramamine, given out for free at the concierge desk. Simply take one pill with food and water in the morning and another one before bed, along with staying in the middle of the ship and …show more content…

Swimming throughout all the caves, created by the giant rocks found along the shore, and looking at the ocean floor, watching all of the tropical fish swim around you. From the bright blue fish to the long gray ones, you can see the schools of fish swim right under you, or even the occasional sting ray or turtle hiding under a rock. As I swam around a rock, as far as the eye could see there were hundreds of fish swimming with their schools, darting back and forth, trying to avoid the chaos of the open waters. As the fish dart around, the sunlight shining through the water reflects beams of light in all

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