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  • Tourism In Hawaii

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    Tourism in Hawaii: An Environmental Perspective The state of Hawaii is iconic for its tropical atmosphere, endemic flora and fauna, and many recreational activities. These environmental facets help rank it as one of the top travel destinations in the world, and the tourism industry has completely revolutionized the cluster of islands. However, with an influx of over 8 million people annually (Malizia), a darker side of tourism is emerging. Human activities and urbanization are putting Hawaii’s environment

  • Summary: The Annexation Of Hawaii

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    republicans, and revolutionaries were involved, with the exception of the many Hawaiians who had been against the annexation (Pitzer). While talking about annexation, the overthrow had been a key event that led to the annexation of Hawaii to the United States. When Hawaii was still under the reign of King David Kalakaua, he was forced to sign the Bayonet Constitution under duress. Queen Lili’uokalani had yielded her throne in order to avoid bloodshed and trusted that the United States government would

  • Honoluilui In Monsanto, Hawaii

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    Have you ever been to Hawaii? If so have you ever heard of Honoluilui? Well, if not it was hot war spot with many people held as prisoners during World War II. If you were to ever go to Honoluilui you’d most likely just see a bulldozed over area. Honouliuli was a 123 acer war internment camp in Monsanto, Hawaii. If you saw Honouliuli, you would see many small tents and large buildings. There were many trees and tall hills around it, as well as a gate. Also in the scenery there were some bigger

  • Hawaii Culture Essay

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    Hawaii When you think about Hawaii, what comes to mind?, bright flowers, sandy beaches,colorful surfboards, gleaming sun, blue ocean and VOLCANOES ? Not only is the “Aloha State” beautiful and full of adventure, they hold on to their culture’s traditions and values. Hawaii is full of beautiful nature. Hawaii is the only state that is composed entirely of islands,and he only island with their very own green rainforests at the Hamakua Coast . These aren 't the only things

  • If I Go To Hawaii

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    you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Personally, I would go to Hawaii. Hawaii is full of culture and history. Also Hawaii is a beautiful state made up of many islands in the south Pacific ocean. Therefore, I would go to Hawaii because it looks enjoyable , there are many unbelievable beaches, and there are many exciting activities to do. My first reason that I would go to Hawaii is that Hawaii looks very entertaining. This is because I can see volcanoes, jungles, and lagoons

  • Cause Of Homelessness In Hawaii

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    Why does a popular and expensive tourist spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have so many homeless people? People dream of vacationing and living the good life in Hawaii. However, there are many people in Hawaii who live in homelessness. The Hawaiian government is trying to help the homeless with numerous efforts. The government has announced that they are using the program, Housing First, which is a nation-wide program known to be the most efficient way to getting people who are suffering from

  • Annexation Of Hawaii Essay

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    The United State’s annexation of Hawaii in 1898 led to the gradual destruction of the Hawaiian culture and the almost-extinction of native-born Hawaiians. The majority of the Hawaiian natives opposed the annexation of Hawaii and wanted to maintain their sovereignty. Although the Japanese could have taken over the Hawaiian islands if the United States had not, the annexation of Hawaii by the U.S. was unjustified because of the treatment of the monarchy and natives, the infringement of the natives’

  • Dance In Hawaii Essay

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    The migration of Marquesas in 300 BCE and the migration of Tahiti in 500 CE contributed to the arrival of human to Hawaii. In Hawaiian society, they believed that they were led by powerful chiefs, who channeled spirit power, mana, to regulate the animals, fields, nature and fish. In Hawaiian religion are structured Kahunas who are the high priests that preserved the mana through kapu, which direct English translation is Forbidden. Kapu were a set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life. In Polynesian

  • Hawaii Beach Vacation Essay

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    first place that comes to everyone 's mind is Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, a warm tropical climate and a range of water and land sports are just some of the things you can enjoy in Hawaii. With all the attractions that are available, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do. Your Hawaii trip can be that much more enjoyable if you know what 's out there and how to prepare. Beach Beauties A quick look through any guide of Hawaii beaches will quickly show you that sand, sun

  • Hawaii Invasive Species Essay

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    Invasive species have been a massive problem in Hawaii since the 17s and 18 hundreds. At first, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but the influx of invasive species grew over time, and it became a dangerous slippery slope. Species that were once alienated poured into Hawaii and destroyed indigenous species that had been native to Hawaii for a very long time. Since then, the Hawaiian people and advocates of removing invasive plants and animals have banded together to help remove these species. There

  • Hawaii Beach Research Paper

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    Maybe just a place where you with you could go to relax? If this is what you dream about, you’re imagining Hawaii. Hawaii is the most amazing place in the world with the best views, food, and attractions. It is truly one of those places that pictures don’t do justice. Of course, this state is known for its magnificent views. From the whitest of beaches to the darkest of volcanos, Hawaii is mainly known for their vibrant rainbows that appear on every island almost every single day. The beaches

  • Narrative Essay On Hawaii Vacation

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    vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. We went to both Oahu and Hawaii (which is often referred to as “The Big Island”). I remember I was really excited to go, who wouldn’t be? However, I was not excited to fly the better half of a day to make it to my awaiting tropical oasis. I had to get up around 4:30 in the morning to make it to my flight to San Francisco, California, where I had a five hour layover to my connecting flight to Kona, Hawaii. The flight to San Francisco alone was about five and a half

  • How To Go To Hawaii Essay

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    Hawaii is a tropical paradise, and each island has highlights and breathtaking scenery. Kauai has several parks and gardens. Maui has some of the best beaches in the world. If you wake up early, you can see the sunrise at Haleakala. The big island has an active volcano, garden, waterfalls and a rainforest. Oahu has natural beauty and a vibrant entertainment scene. Hawaii is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Every year, millions of couples travel to the islands for beaches and cultural

  • Argumentative Essay: The Hawaii Statehood Day

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    blood what they want done, you’re likely to get 10 different answers” stated by John Fischer a Hawaii Travel Expert. Hawaii statehood day, is a controversial holiday for all the people of Hawaii. On the third Friday in August each year, schools statewide take a day off to 'celebrate' Hawaii's anniversary of becoming a state. Although, it has always been a controversial holiday as the monarchy of Hawaii was overthrown illegally. For some it is a day of remorse, others a day to look back on history

  • Hawaii Street Names History

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    Living in Hawaii is very important to know the street names so you don’t get lost but understanding the history, culture of the Hawaiians. You also learn about the Hawaiians and the myths and stories that they were told by their ancestors. The Hawaiians were big on ‘aina and naming their streets by nature, myths, and important people. The street names practices are important to the Hawaiians because of its part of the culture and trying to teach the next generations. The street categories were very

  • Hawaii Red Cross Case Study

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    Purpose of the project The purpose of this project, is to develop and deploy a comprehensive media strategy/campaign for the Hawaiian chapter of the American Red Cross. It will focus on what the Hawaii Red Cross can do to enhance its internal communication, with the goal of providing the Hawaiian community with tailored content, such as local pictures and stories, so that the organization chapter can reach its goals of attracting increased donations and support. I will do that by researching how

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Hawaii

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    out into the beautiful blue-green water. You can hear the waves crashing against the shore, and smell the salty ocean water. Life is perfect. In my short life time of 13 years I have gone on a few vacations, but my favorite by far was a cruise in Hawaii. That trip was so amazing because I got to visit four beautiful Hawaiian islands, and experience many amazing activities. In Oahu I was able to swim with dolphins, visit Pearl Harbor, swim at the beach, and shop. After Oahu we stopped by Maui where

  • Compare And Contrast Yellowtone And Hawaii Essay

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    Hawaii and Yellowstone can be compared and contrasted in many ways. Yellowstone and Hawaii are great places to have a vacation with your family. What people don't know is that there are standing on super volcanos that could erupt at anytime. Giant chambers of molten lava just 8 kilometers below your feet. One time your enjoying the nature, next nature takes its toll and magma rushing up from the ground. Killing everyone in its way. The location of these two places can be examined. First of all,

  • How Did American Imperialism Affect Hawaii

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    Imperialism Power Over Hawaii Throughout the course of the years, the United States began investing their time into intervening in different countries to become a dominant world power in the Western Hemisphere. As the time reached of when the U.S. became more determined and serious over spreading its forces across colonies, a plentiful amount of the world had been already claimed. Only a few territories remained liberated from the imperialist movement, in which Hawaii was one of the unclaimed

  • Model Minorities In Hawaii Research Paper

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    U.S. government shaped Japanese migration into its soil when it established gunboat imperialism. The United States forced Japan to trade goods with them, thus, Hawaii was established as a trading port. At the beginning of the Japanese’s first migrations, the United States had graciously invited them for cheap labor in plantations. After their labor agreements ended, many decided to reside in the United States. 2a. The United States federal government made the Japanese go into concentration camps