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  • The Volcanoes In Hawaii

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    of Hawaii had turned into a complete disaster. The floor was filled with cracks and holes and glass fragments were shattered all over the place. We had decided to go to Hawaii after seeing a wonderful image in a magazine; however we were still worried that volcanoes could erupt. People assured us that most of the volcanoes in Hawaii were dormant. I was waiting in the lounge having a sip of tea, when my father suggested that we should take our luggage immediately so that we could leave Hawaii as soon

  • Tourism In Hawaii

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    Tourism in Hawaii: An Environmental Perspective The state of Hawaii is iconic for its tropical atmosphere, endemic flora and fauna, and many recreational activities. These environmental facets help rank it as one of the top travel destinations in the world, and the tourism industry has completely revolutionized the cluster of islands. However, with an influx of over 8 million people annually (Malizia), a darker side of tourism is emerging. Human activities and urbanization are putting Hawaii’s environment

  • Hawaii Culture Essay

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    your feet. This is the experience of the utopia island known as Hawaii. This paradise was not a part of the United States until August 21st, 1959 when it became the official 50th state. Hawaii has been seen as a touristic destination for centuries. Hawaii has a distinctive culture that makes it a prime vacation destination. “Over the ensuing centuries, a distinctly Hawaiian culture arose. Sailors became farmers and fishermen.” As Hawaii arose to become its own distinct culture the previous sailors

  • Government Corruption In Hawaii

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    Living in Hawaii comes at a high price according to a study in 2014 done by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center ranks Hawaii as the highest in the United States for cost of living. The biggest burden of the cost of living coming from housing with the median home price in Hawaii being $685,000, according to the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization. Saving up enough money to make a down payment for a home is a daunting task for all but the most financially secure. Those

  • Hawaii Imperialism Benefits

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    The United States has inflicted imperialism on the island Hawaii on January 17, 1893. They did this by overthrowing the government which was a monarchy and its ruler was Queen Liliuokalani. Then by overthrowing the sugar planters who overthrew the Queen, President William Mckinley was able to obtaining the territory for the U.S after the Spanish-American war. The U.S wanted to obtain Hawaii because of its monopoly on Sugar and its Sugar exports to The United States. The United States wanted to obtain

  • If I Go To Hawaii

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    you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Personally, I would go to Hawaii. Hawaii is full of culture and history. Also Hawaii is a beautiful state made up of many islands in the south Pacific ocean. Therefore, I would go to Hawaii because it looks enjoyable , there are many unbelievable beaches, and there are many exciting activities to do. My first reason that I would go to Hawaii is that Hawaii looks very entertaining. This is because I can see volcanoes, jungles, and lagoons

  • Cause Of Homelessness In Hawaii

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    Why does a popular and expensive tourist spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have so many homeless people? People dream of vacationing and living the good life in Hawaii. However, there are many people in Hawaii who live in homelessness. The Hawaiian government is trying to help the homeless with numerous efforts. The government has announced that they are using the program, Housing First, which is a nation-wide program known to be the most efficient way to getting people who are suffering from

  • Annexation Of Hawaii Essay

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    The United State’s annexation of Hawaii in 1898 led to the gradual destruction of the Hawaiian culture and the almost-extinction of native-born Hawaiians. The majority of the Hawaiian natives opposed the annexation of Hawaii and wanted to maintain their sovereignty. Although the Japanese could have taken over the Hawaiian islands if the United States had not, the annexation of Hawaii by the U.S. was unjustified because of the treatment of the monarchy and natives, the infringement of the natives’

  • Independence Of Hawaii Essay

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    Harshith Gaddam Mrs.HouseKnecht AP Human Geography 8 February 2023 Independence of Hawaii The year is 1898. Amidst the Spanish-American war, the United States annexed Hawaii as the 50th state. Prior to annexation, Hawaii was ruled by local Kings and Queens in a monarchy. The monarchy had a mutual relationship with the US, but had high tensions as who between the two would have more power. In 1891, Queen Liliuokalani replaced the constitution of 1887 with her own constitution that granted her superior

  • Hawaii Lifestyle Problem

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    Many people in Hawaii spend most of their time stressing over paying their next bill rather than eating regularly. The state needs to invest in new ways of living where people are more likely to sleep indoors instead of on unsanitary streets. Hawaii can benefit from a slight change such as having more farms. Local stores such as Foodland and Safeway seem to have great bargains but are high-priced. Compared to the mainland, Hawaii’s groceries cost 30% more. A gallon of milk in Hawaii is $7 versus the

  • Honoluilui In Monsanto, Hawaii

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    Have you ever been to Hawaii? If so have you ever heard of Honoluilui? Well, if not it was hot war spot with many people held as prisoners during World War II. If you were to ever go to Honoluilui you’d most likely just see a bulldozed over area. Honouliuli was a 123 acer war internment camp in Monsanto, Hawaii. If you saw Honouliuli, you would see many small tents and large buildings. There were many trees and tall hills around it, as well as a gate. Also in the scenery there were some bigger

  • Hawaii Culture Essay

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    Hawaii When you think about Hawaii, what comes to mind?, bright flowers, sandy beaches,colorful surfboards, gleaming sun, blue ocean and VOLCANOES ? Not only is the “Aloha State” beautiful and full of adventure, they hold on to their culture’s traditions and values. Hawaii is full of beautiful nature. Hawaii is the only state that is composed entirely of islands,and he only island with their very own green rainforests at the Hamakua Coast . These aren 't the only things

  • A Comparison Of Hawaii And Mongolia

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    Every culture has legends which identify their characteristics. Although, both of Hawaii and Mongolia have big culture in legend, there are some similarities and differences. One of the most popular legends in Mongolia is Erkhyn Mergen. Erkhyn Mergen was the best archer in ancient time. One day, seven suns rised. People begged for destroying those seven suns from the archer, because it was too hot on the earth. Erkhyn Mergen was so proud of him. He said I will destroy all the suns. After shooting

  • Dance In Hawaii Essay

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    The migration of Marquesas in 300 BCE and the migration of Tahiti in 500 CE contributed to the arrival of human to Hawaii. In Hawaiian society, they believed that they were led by powerful chiefs, who channeled spirit power, mana, to regulate the animals, fields, nature and fish. In Hawaiian religion are structured Kahunas who are the high priests that preserved the mana through kapu, which direct English translation is Forbidden. Kapu were a set of rules and prohibitions for everyday life. In Polynesian

  • Creative Writing On Hawaii

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    Hitchhiker I had once read that the luscious greenery and gorgeous utopia of Hawaii would be the most inviting and humbling experience of my entire life. So as a 17 year old conquistador, I ventured into the Soul-Stirring Aloha spirit. My family and I were driving back from the Road to Hana, listening to Moana’s “How far I'll go” while gazing at the clouds of billowing smoke. As the night deepened, the sharp prongs of light deceased from their hole in the sky, revealing the warm, painted seabed

  • Annexation Of Hawaii Pros And Cons

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    that the annexation of Hawaii is a just act that both serves our national interests and upholds our foundational ideals. Firstly, it can be said that the annexation of Hawaii strengthens our economy and our ability to trade. As noted by Arthur C. James, we are provided with three new harbours that can influence commerce and act as coaling stations for trading vessels going to and from Asia (James). Additionally, Lorrin Thurston, a member of the provisional government in Hawaii, asserts that if we do

  • An Essay About A Trip To Hawaii

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    arranging a trip to Hawaii. If you need a little push to visit paradise, here are some of the reasons why it should be towards the top of your travel bucket list! World-class beaches, lush rainforests, and raging volcanoes are just a few of the attractions that make Hawaii a popular tourist destination. Every Hawaiian Island has its unique allure, making this a state that offers adventure and elegance in every direction. There are countless compelling reasons to visit Hawaii. 14 There are eight Hawaiian

  • Write An Essay On Hawaii Culture

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    Why do people travel to Hawaii? What makes these islands special? What activities and culture can people experience? Millions visit the Hawaiian islands each year, which are known for their fascinating culture and mesmerizing landscapes. Hawaii has an area of almost eleven thousand square miles and about one million, four hundred thousand people live on the Hawaiian islands today (“Hawaii State Information”). The natives and citizens of the many islands value their land immensely, and they want to

  • The Annexation Of Hawaii In The 1860's

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    Annexation of Hawaii American’s saw a need to annex Hawaii because of their large amount of trade in sugarcane, the large amount of profit they were making from the sugarcane trade, for the land expansion, and for a military base. The earliest interests in Hawaii date back as far as the 1820’s! While none of this was set into motion until the 1860’s. There were some serious plans set in motion during the 1860’s or so, but the Civil War took over all plans and put hold on Hawaii until the 1890’s

  • Personal Narrative: H Is For Hawaii

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    H is For Hawaii The first time I’ve been to Hawaii was two years ago in the summer and another time last summer, both on my birthday. They were my birthday present from my parents. The trip wasn’t long, but it seemed longer as I wanted to arrive to badly. Almost everyone’s dream vacation is Hawaii, and I can now relate to that. Then came the arrival, when I arrived it was hot but manageable, we rented a car and went to Hilton hotel. We paid extra for the ocean view. We stayed there for a week