World War II: The Worst Conflict In Human History

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World War II is said to be the worst conflict in human history. About fifty to eighty million people died all together. There were concentration camps run by the Germans and there were essentially two wars raging. The two wars were the war in Europe and the war in the Pacific, which was Japan against the United States. World War II went on for six years and would destroy more land and property around the world and kill more people than any other war before. The war would unite countries around the world and cause many advances in technology and advances in battle tactics. It would also prove extremely costly for the entire world. World War II began on September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded poland which caused Britain and France to declare …show more content…

Another cause was The Great Depression which left countries with unstable governments and worldwide turmoil. One other cause was Japanese militarism and invasion of China in the 1930s. Another cause of the war as The Treaty Of Versailles which put strong economic sanctions on Germany and extremely restricted their military size and power. This was due to their major involvement in World war I. The United States joined the war in December of 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. The Soviet Union did not join the war until later as well. The Soviet Union entered the war in June of 1941 when Hitler launched operation Barbarossa and invaded Russia. Also around the same time Japan attacked pearl harbour and brought The United States into two different war. The war against Japan was fought is eastern asia ending after the war in Europe when The United States Dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was the only time nuclear weapons were ever used throughout history. Although the main causes of World War II were mostly economic, some of the causes were invasion of other countries. Hitler was a very strong speaker. He became the main leader of the National Socialist German workers Party or the Nazi Party which soon took over Germany. Before he actually even joined the Nazis he spied on them. During his younger years he lived in homeless shelters. …show more content…

In all there were about 20,00 concentration camps, which were ran by the SS. Not all of these abominations were death camps. A majority of these camps were work camps. At the work camps very few survived. Inmates were forced to work until death. In all of these camps however, inmates faced extreme brutality, inhumane sanitary conditions and starvation. Although only a few of the 20,00 concentration camps were actual death camps, every camp was a nightmare of its own. D-Day is the name given to the invasion of Normandy beach in France. This invasion was the beginning of “Operation Overlord”, which was the attempt to open a second front against Germany in hopes it would weaken the German forces. D-Day was an international effort with many countries having been involved. Unsurprisingly this operation took countless hours of precise planning. D-Day was the largest naval, air, and land operation in history. All in all World War Two was the worst conflict in the entire history of the world. It brought out the worst in those who hated jews and caused the world to almost fall apart. Millions were killed and those who survived were scared for life. The war began Scruggs

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