Concentration Camps In Ww2 Essay

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Living as a Jew between 1933-1945 was a hard life in Germany. They were tortured in concentration camps and death camps all over Germany. Other people were also sent to concentration camps and death camps. Some of them were criminals, handi-cap, homosexuals, and Romani.
There conditions were very unsanitary. They were fed very little a day and often fed only after a day of starvation. They were often overworked. If they were too slow, a guard would often punish them by whipping them. When they would get transported to a new concentration camp, they would stay in a box car on a train for days or even a week with very little food and water. Many often died of dehydration in the heat.
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Prisoners would die from the experiments that the Nazi doctor would do on them. They would also die from the freezing temperatures because they didn’t have warm enough clothes during the winter months. They would often die from starvation because they only got fed three times a day and it was a piece of bread and some water during the warm months. When it was during the colder months they would feed them a small bowl of soup and a warm cup of coffee. They would shoot a prisoner on the spot if they passed out from malnourishment.
There were different types of camps. There was concentration camps which were mostly labor camps. There were death camps where they sent prisoners to the gas chambers and they would be gassed to death. There were camps that were just for Jews and there were camps for both Jews and non-Jews.
A little before the war ended there were liberations. There was a liberation in the majority of the camps but some camps, there wasn’t any because the Nazi’s moved the Jews to another camp and blew up the camp. The camps that were liberated were Majdanek, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Ravensbruck, Mauthausen, and Theresienstadt. The camps that the Nazi’s blew up were Treblinka, Sobibor, and

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