How Did The Holocaust Affect The World

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The Holocaust was one of the most devastating times for all of the world. It strained the world’s economy and resources; death tolls were tremendously high and injuries were severe. This was one of the worst events in our world’s history. For the 12 years that Germany was ruled by the Nazi Party, a central belief was that there existed in society, certain people who were dangerous and needed to be eliminated for German society to flourish and survive (Impact of the Holocaust). Adolf Hitler preached his beliefs that Germans were the superior race and that all other races were inferior to Germans. This caused the attack on anyone except Germans themselves. Germany had begun war with the world due to their feeling of superiority. This caused the change for the world in a sense. In a sense, it destroyed society. The Holocaust showed so much hatred in the world just due to the differences of the people. It showed the prejudice in the world and how much quickly it could spread. The main focus during this time was Jews but anyone else who …show more content…

It showed an overwhelming hatred for difference and a hate for the “impure”. The ones who were not like the rest of them. It showed how harsh our society honestly could be and how it could destroy a society and almost a race of people. That genocide existed and that people tried to kill off a group just due to hating them so much. It changed our world by destroying the economy and destroying people. It destroyed trust in the world and sparked more fear. It caused so much hate to build in every country. The overall effects of the Holocaust was so many shocking deaths. The amount of casualties were horrendous reaching the 11 millions. It affected the world by destroying its people. It caused so much pain and awful actions from the Nazis. The Holocaust was the most devastating part of our history, consisting of terrifying amounts of people who were killed and

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