WWII Rough Draft Essay

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WWII Rough Draft
The Holocaust all started back in 1933 when a leader named Adolf Hitler started a Nazi group that were out to kill Jews. Not all Nazis that were led by Hilter really were against the Jews. Some of the Nazis liked the Jews but were forced to either kill them or put them in concentration camps that housed jews. The concentration camps detained jews in horrible conditions. Unfortunately, many people were not lucky during the time of the Holocaust.
During the Holocaust, many people were killed. Many people were killed not by what they did but by who they were, how much money they had, how old they were, and what gender they were(Hitler's rise to power). The Holocaust was a time of sorrow for the Jews whose family members were …show more content…

This made it really hard for them to really fight back because most of them were poor and could not afford weapons like guns or knives ( Hass). Since the Jews had no power over The Nazis they were forced to do anything they wanted them to do. From 1933 to 1945 Jews were in a tough time along with the people that were against Hitler and his group of Nazis that were out to kill the Jews. Over those twelve years, many things had happened, many lives and businesses were lost in the Holocaust. Many people moved to the United States or Israel(US Holocaust memorial) because they couldn’t stand living in Europe during the time of the Holocaust. Most people did not know when or if the madness would ever end. There were many people in fact that tried to stop Hitler from doing this but ended up losing their lives in the process. Many Jews tried to escape the concentration camps but they were stopped or killed. The Concentration camps had large tall walls that had sharp tangly wire on them to stop them from getting over. If they tried to get over they were either cut by the wire or killed by the wounds. If the Jews were not killed by Hitler they were torched as

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