The Horrific Tragedy Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a horrific tragedy which started in January of 1933 and ended in May of 1945, the Holocaust was the mass murder of millions of people. The word was derived from the Greek word that meant Sacrifice to the Gods (Steele 7), also called the Shoan which is the Hebrew word for catastrophe (Steele 7). So many countries took place in this 12-year genocide, including, “Germany, Italy, Japan, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria, which were also known as the Axis Powers” (Steele 34). But, although there were all those countries they were all part of one larger group called the Nazis, were the ones who were killing all the different denominations of people. (Bachrach 58). All of this led to the gigantic catastrophe called the Holocaust. The…show more content…
These ghettos were the worst part of the cities that the Nazis took over which they converted into living areas for captured Jews. “They used these places to “store” Jews they didn 't have room for at the concentration camps yet” (Bachrach 38). The Nazis had one very big ghetto in Warsaw, Poland called, simply, the Warsaw Ghetto (Bachrach 39). Warsaw was the biggest ghetto that the Nazis had but the Jews used that to their advantage. The Warsaw ghetto was one of the only ghettos at which a successful escape attempt was ever…show more content…
Jews were moved to the camps to either work or be killed (Veil 113). The Nazis also wanted to keep the children, but only twins because the Nazi scientist wanted to experiment on them (Veil 115). The Nazis had a plan called the System of Death where they told all the Jews that they were going to take showers and clean off and the Nazis took them to a medium sized room where they all stripped down getting ready for showers. The Nazis would then put some Zyklon B pellets into the chamber where it reacted with the oxygen in the air and turned into chlorine gas and all the Jews were dead in minutes. They then would force some other Jews to carry the bodies to the crematorium where the bodies would be
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