Holocaust Informative Essay

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Everyone who has learned about World War II should know about the Holocaust. The Holocaust was during the same period of World War II. “What is it called the Holocaust?” you may ask. The Holocaust originates from the Greek language and means “completely burnt offering to God.” How does this relate to the Holocaust where almost 8 million Jewish people died? In this essay, you will be informed about the main leader of the Nazis, why saying that Hitler only captured Jews is historically inaccurate, concentration camp treatment, and five atrocious experiments done by the Nazi soldiers to innocent prisoners. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. He’d always been a churlish student who was always the leader of …show more content…

In this experiment, they would have prisoners only drink seawater. This would make the prisoners severely dehydrated. It got to the point where prisoners would lick recently mopped floors in order to be hydrated. Those who survived were brutally killed and thrown in the hole containing bodies. Secondly, there was a shot for Tuberculosis. Instead of using it on testing animals, they used it on their prisoners. They would give them the shot and remove their lymph glands on their arms. Before any proof of success in the shot, an American army troop was traveling there to try and rescue some prisoners. In order to hide the experiment, about 200 adults perished and about 20 children were hanged. Next, was called “The Immersion-hypothermia Project.” The main reason for this experiment was to find an effective way to save victims of immersion hypothermia. During this experiment, prisoners were dunked into a tank of ice water. Some had anesthesia and some were wide awake; many were naked. This experiment was done in many different ways, but mostly, the prisoners were dumped in the ice water then were thrown in boiling hot water. About 100 people died during that experiment. Then, there was a sterilization experiment. They conducted the experiment by using drugs, surgery, and x-rays. Thousands of victims were experimented on. The most common choice was radiation treatment. The victims were deceived into going into a room where the treatment was being held. Some who left the room not able to have kids; many were left with severe radiation

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