Unit 731: Medical Experimentation On People

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Medical Experimentation on Humans Medical Experimentation on humans is Extremely controversial for some people. Many people believe that Medical experimentation is extremely unethical. Unit 731 was an Extreme Experiment,” Around 14,000 victims, referred to as ‘logs’ by their captors and including at least eight Allied prisoners of war, were murdered in unit 731 between 1936 to 1945 ” (Hill).There was no exact number of how many people died when Unit 731 happened. During the 1950s to the 1960s, “the CIA began its own secret program, called MK-ULTRA, to search for a mind control drug that could be weaponized against enemies.”(Gross). “Aversion therapy is a form of behavior modification that employs unpleasant and sometimes painful stimuli in …show more content…

It does not take into consideration those killed prior to 1941.”(Harris 86). Those thousands of people were also experimented on with so much things by mainly one doctor by the name of Shiro Ishii who did quite a lot of the experiments on the people, those Experiments include “vivisection, injection of fatal diseases, hypobaric chamber testing, the effectiveness of flamethrowers, and amputation. Unit 731 did these experiments on children, adults, and pregnant women.”(Torroella).”As these types of experiments were naturally ones that most people would not volunteer to take part in, the Japanese decided to use prisoners of war as their test subjects. Unit 731’s victims were primarily Chinese and Russians, along with some Mongolians and Koreans (Sihra). They were also experimenting to try and make new diseases, The Males were also would be infected with syphilis and were ordered to rape and impregnate the women, they would cut the woman open to see how the fetus was (Sihra).” Humans were locked inside pressure chambers to test how much the body could take before their eyes popped out”(Experiments). “Once it was clear that the Japanese were going to lose the war, unit workers destroyed much of the evidence of the experiments. Upon the formal surrender of the Japanese in August 1945, Unit 731 was officially terminated.”(Sihra). The Japanese government didn’t acknowledge what happened till the 1980s, most of the people who were involved in the experiments were not punished as General Douglas MacArthur decided to not put them on trial, They were given immunity in exchange for the information that they had gathered from these

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