Informative Essay On The Holocaust

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There are many events in history but Holocaust left a permanent scar on the face of history. The event soaked in blood and tears of innocent would be unforgettable. Holocaust also known as Shoah (in Hebrew) was a genocide that took lives of millions of people from different backgrounds. Approximately 1 million Gypises were killed, 1.5 million mentally and physically handicapped people were victims of T-4 program, but Jews where the primary victims and 6 million Jews died in holocaust (Neiwyk and Nicosia). The Holocaust took place between 1933-1945. In 1933, Nazis came in power in Germany and they believed that Germans are “superior” race where Jews are “inferior” and evil race. Economically Jews were strong and Hitler and Nazis did not like …show more content…

These survivors who experienced this event, have been scarred for the rest of their life. We can listen to their stories but we can’t imagine and experienced what they have gone through. For example, Szymon Binke, Hilma Geffen, and Baker Ella, were the survivors of the Holocaust. Szymon Binke was born in 1931 in Poland, his family moved to the city after the Nazi’s invasion. Nazis deported his family to Auschwitz where his mother and sister were gassed, while, Szymon was placed in Kinder block but after sometime he ran away to meet his family in Auschwitz. Hilma Geffen was born 1925 in Berlin, and died in 1993 in Michigan, USA. She was living a fake identity and Nazis killed her parents in Aushwitz in 1942. Baker Ella was born in 1924 in Vysni Apsa. Her family was forced to ghetto where Nazis held them, later, they were sent to Aushwitz, where she got separated from her parents and never saw them again. Later she was sent to salve labor camp to make airplane parts. All these survivors have different stories but they have a lot of similarities. All three survivors were forced into ghettos and then later their families were sent to Aushwitz where some of the family member

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