Josef Mengele And The Angel Of Death In The Holocaust

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Everybody thinks that the Holocaust is only based on Adolf Hitler and the Jews but in reality there was more to it than people actually think. The Angel of Death was one of the other people involved in the Holocaust. The Angel of Death was well known for his cruel actions during the Holocaust. Who was the Angel of Death?
The Angel of Death was a Schutzstaffel (SS) Physician named Josef Mengele. He was born in Gunzburg on March 16, 1911. In 1943 he started his career at Auschwitz as the medical officer for Birkenau's, then he got a new position as "Chief Camp Physician of Auschwitz" in 1943. Josef Mengele worked experiments on some of the patients he had and on Jews. Mengele worked moist of his experiments on twins and camp prisoners at …show more content…

Mengele didn’t really like the Jews because he has said or wrote "Jews, should never be allowed to mix their bloods." Also add with that he did horrible experiment on them and he was on Hitler's side the Nazi's, which he joined in 1937, which are against the Jews . (Axis History Forum) What part did they take in the Holocaust?
Mengele was a doctor for the Nazi's in the Holocaust. He was no ordinary doctor, he performed horrific experiments on most of his patients. He tortured them and killed most of his patients. (Bulow) What did he do to his patients?
Josef Mengele did experiments on his patients and victims. Mengele tortured them and put them into chambers, tested drugs on them, froze them, and moved their private parts. He did surgery on children without Anesthesia and also combined some twins together. "Nazi doctors made injections with lethal germs, sex change operations, removal of organs and limbs." (Bulow) Josef Mengele did about nine different experiments on his victims or patients. One experiment was the "Experiments with Poison." They did this experiment by putting poison on their food secretly. In about September 1944 the victims were shot with poison bullets.

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