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In history there was many events that were horrifying. The Holocaust was one of those frightful events. During the World War II, the nazis were the ones in charge of the Holocaust. Six million Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies were killed and the survivors had to live their life with fear. These writers use several techniques in order to convey the horrors of the Holocaust. Such as using words as symbols repeating words, and admitting the failure of words.

The first technique is they use words as symbols. One example of that is “Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, that turned my life into one long night” (Document A: Never I Forget). “Night” was used as a symbol and it represents that for every person who was at the camps felt like it was one long night, they had thought it would never end. Another example is “Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew…” (Document B: Someone). The word Jew was used as a symbol, it represents all the six million Jews that died. As you can see how awful it was for the people that went through the unforgettable event, the Holocaust. …show more content…

The second technique used is repetition. An example of that is in Document B:”Someone” the author repeats the word “Jew” six million times to say the unspeakable. He writes this word 6,000,000 times to show that each and every single one of those words, means one person in the Holocaust that had their life taken from them in this period of time. The next example is “Never Shall I forget” (Document A: Never Shall I Forget). The author repeats “Never shall I forget” to show the reader that it isn't easy to just forget something horrifying that happened in your life. Several hundred thousand of people had to live with fear, and no one really shared their story of this event until time passed and more people started to share their horrifying

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