A Rhetorical Analysis Of Seattle Versus The Homeless

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When registering for this class, a wave of worry ran through me, because I had minimal skill when it came to writing, particularly in the field of formal writing. The high school I attended was academically poor, we never wrote formal papers, just informal book and movie responses. Therefore I was apprehensive about this class. This course was quite intricate, but I attend skills that will aid me for the rest of my academic career. Rhetorical knowledge, critical inquiry, process, and conventions are all concepts I have acquired. To display my understanding of the four-course outcomes, I selected my summary and rhetorical analysis of Bruno Bettelheim's "Fairy Tales and the Existential Predicament," and my in-class writing "Seattle Versus the …show more content…

Rhetorical knowledge is the ability to analyze and act on an understanding of audience, purpose, and context in creating comprehensive texts. For example, my rhetorical analysis of formal and well-organized whereas my in-class writing "Seattle Versus the Homeless" contains a less formal tone and is a bit disorder because it was an informal assignment. This shows an understanding of rhetorical knowledge because I understand when and when not to write formally. One part of rhetorical analysis the understanding of the author's claims and how they build on it. An essay where I manifest this is in my rhetorical analysis of Bettelheim's "Fairy Tales and the Existential Predicament," in which I point out Bettelheim's claims and how he gets his point across to the reader. For instance, in my first paragraph, I point out Bettelheim’s claims and his tactics for convicting them to the reader "Bettelheim incorporates pathos (emotional appeal), logos (logic), personal appeal, and prior knowledge into his writing to engage his reader." Furthermore, I describe the methods that are used by Bettelheim to simplify some of the claims so his readers could comprehend. In the first few drafts I had a hard time catching sight of the techniques Bettelheim used to convey his claims, but now I can read a passage and recognize the writer's claims and comprehend the techniques he or she uses to convey the message …show more content…

Critical inquiry is the process of gathering and evaluating information, ideas, and assumptions from multiple perspectives to produce well-reasoned analysis and understanding that leads to new ideas, applications and questions. Critical inquiry is more than what is listed above, it is also possessing the ability to assess pieces of writing and use them within your own writing. I think the best example of my writing that supports this is my in-class writing “Seattle Versus the Homeless.” All over the essay, I included poll numbers from various sources, and statements from credible sources, like the mayor of Seattle. This was something I found a bit challenging because it was difficult finding unbiased and trustworthy polls and statements. Before I would just throw in numbers and statements without setting the context and I would often end the paragraph without an acceptable amount of discussion. I also did not know how to state the evidence while giving credit where its due. In my current draft of “Seattle Versus the Homeless”, i use words such as “according to,” and “based off of,” and give credit where it is do. I still have a lot of room to grow in this topic, but I have certainly improved since the beginning of this quarter. In This in-class essay, we had to find a news topic that was interesting to us and write about it. The first page was suppose to be in the third person,

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