Rhetorical Analysis Of The Solution To Homelessness

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In one’s own thought process, and writing, there will always be an underlying rhetorical strategy that drives the argument of the composer. Whether it be the way the author speaks about a subject or shies away from other arguments of the topic, a writer always has a purpose in their methods in order to communicate their idea effectively. This is only a natural human trait that occurs into almost anything one does while addressing an audience. In my case, I will be reflecting and analyzing my own assignment three essay entitled, The Solution to Homelessness: A Joint Responsibility, which speaks upon the problematic manner in which society talks about homelessness. In this essay, I use my own rhetoric to persuade my audience that the answer to ending homelessness is their participation in solving the problem as well as I use my writing to inspire my reader to become involved in order to resolve the issue. …show more content…

Immediately after reading the title, the reader almost automatically can identify my position on the topic and further becomes clear on what my stance will be in the essay. In fact, it introduces the audience to be in the state of mind that promotes the solution of homelessness being a joint responsibility. By doing so, I am automatically inferring them to think in that direction, before they have even read the first line of the text. In addition, this method then creates a purposeful bias toward that argument within my paper, but also enforces what I am trying to communicate throughout the whole text: Homeless is not an issue that can be solved by only the homeless, but it needs to be taken on by all of society in order to be

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