Social Problem Of Homelessness

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Homelessness is a significant complex societal problem. Many people think homelessness is an individual problem, but I think society has a large factor on why people become homeless. Individuals who are homeless are not lazy like most of society thinks. These people are struggling with societal problems such as living costs and mostly cannot support themselves financially. In my eyes, Homelessness is a factor of societal forces such as high cost of housing and living and also society having failed systems to support people who are stuck in these sorts of situations. Because of these issues, society should develop better strategies to help these people in need to eliminate the growing poverty level through the world. These strategies could include…show more content…
I say this because it is an “overarching pattern of social relations that lie outside and above a person’s circle of intimates and acquaintances” as stated in the book Sociology My Compass for a New World. (Brym, Roberts, Strohschein, Lie, 2016) The topic of social stratification can also come in to play while looking at these patterns of social relations. Homeless people are of lower strata, and the richer are considered to be some of the most important people in society. (Brym et al., 2016) The individuals classed in the higher strata of society are the ones who are better treated, and therefore, are the ones who get the most benefits from society. It is not the individuals’ fault that society is formed this way. All societies are formed in a way that some percentage of the population is ranked in the higher pay range as well as some portion is ranked of the bottom pay range of the scale. There is no way that the social stratification of a society could be present because of the individuals themselves. There will always be a percentage of homelessness in a society and that is due to the larger societal forces rather than being the individual’s…show more content…
It is a large complex ongoing societal problem throughout communities that no one can stop. All societies have homeless people and, on the contrary, all have rich people; It is just how a society works. In my eyes, the richer of society are much more appreciated than the homeless. Because the people with money can afford to pay for housing, living, and nice things, society favors them and pushes aside the homeless. I do believe that if society took more notice of homeless people the situation could change. Communities should develop plans to help these people in need and give them a place to stay instead of living on the streets. Society has failed to support these people in need because of the primary focus being on the more fortunate who can give back to the society. I say that the homeless should be prioritized over the wealthy because they are more in need than they are. This being said, we can never blame the individual for what society has put them through. I do believe that if society gives homeless people a second chance they deserve they could strive to make their lives better with our help. My saying in life is “it is what it is” and it is sad to think that in this situation, the homeless get the worse end of the

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