Personal Narrative: My Journey To The Dane County Jail

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On our journey to the Dane county Jail I 0don’t think we know what to expect only that the people that are there have done some wrong to society and will pay the altmit penalty. Once at jail we all had to check in and were given badges that told we were visitors. While in the lobby they had time machines that you could add fund to someone that was being kept there. Some of your option I noticed was for phone calls and getting items within the jail that you could have. Then there was area where you could pay your fines and wait for your friend or love one to be released. In this area, it was very clean and fresh smelling, you also felt safe. Now has we walked into the jail the first thing I noticed was the smell it was like urine and body fluids. It was not nice the only thing I can say is that the people who work there probililly become immune to the smell just like when your s have an animal in the house and you get used to it smell. Other things I no rice is you have no priticety that went out the door when you were …show more content…

But then again maybe if there were no jails people could be treated more as equals and us as a society would look for better way to help those that fend instead of just locking them away. Because I do believe people can change with a little help and support. But by the time we as a society see this and want change. There would be many that suffer during the trial and error phase.  Now why is there homelessness in the wealthiest country in the world? The answer to this can be complicated or very simple and what I mean by this is people in our society are very selfish and greedy. If they walk down the street and see a homeless person will they help no most will just turn around and walk the other way. Also, even if they go through a time like this they chose to be ignorance to

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