Summary: The Arlington County Detention Process

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One may easily go past the Arlington County Detention Facility without noticing a multistory building that has reflective windows is actually a jail that has 200 employees that secure and hold a typical inmate population of approximately 500 inmates (slightly larger male-to-female population). Burrowed between multiple office and apartment buildings, is the jail located at 1435 N. Courthouse Road, and it is conveniently situated within a block from the Courthouse Metro station and the courthouse where the criminals are tried. On a recent tour of the facility with my classmates and I took on October 15, 2015, we got the opportunity to tour the jail in its entirety, learn about the booking and jail assignment process, while experiencing the daily …show more content…

Once they fully go through the booking process (also includes mugshot, taking fingerprints, DNA sample, processing their money into a “ATM-type” machine, and other tedious procedures), the individual is assigned to a placing cell or holding cell until they are fully processed/booked and decide where they will go or wait for a plausible-cause-hearing; there are many different placing cells based on several factors. The basic placing cells include phones for the individual to make calls and there are separate holding cells for males and females. As the individual becomes more dangerous they begin to lose their privileges, such as phones and the presence of others (i.e., if the individual begins to misbehave and become a danger to the others, they individual will be placed in a private placing cell with no contact). There are also several holding cells, which are areas (also divided by gender) where individuals wait until they can be released. The process for being released includes a pledge of good behavior, being processed to analyze if the individual is wanted for other crimes, and then can they individual receive their possessions they entered with and be released. In the situation of an individual coming to jail on the premise of being intoxicated, the person will be held in a holding area, where they can sleep in a seat and are given a blanket (if needed/wanted) for 8 hours until they sober up and can then be released. Once the

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