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  • Policy Analysis On A Contemporary Issue In Modern Penology-Overcrowding In Prisons

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    MAJOR IN CRIMINOLOGY PREPARED BY : Franz Fernando A. Kalalo SUBJECT CODE : MSCJSC4 INSTRUCTOR : Shirlene S. Esplana, PhD TOPIC : Policy Analysis on a Contemporary Issue in Modern Penology - Overcrowding in Prisons Introduction One of the most imperative contemporary issues in modern penology is the problem of overcrowding in prisons. Overcrowding occurs when correctional facilities exceed their intended capacity, resulting in numerous challenges for both inmates and staff. This policy

  • Comparing Foucault's Discipline And Punishment

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    Penology is a system that a totalitarian government highly pays attention to. Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punishment traces the history of sovereign discipline and punishment from the medieval ages until the modern age in Western society. He argues that sovereign or authoritative punishment took four forms which are: torture – punishment – discipline – prison. Foucault examined the act of torturing and concluded that the public execution was ultimately an ineffective use of the body and non-economical

  • Architectural Design In Prison

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    When it comes to the idea of a prison, it brings up a multitude of images for different people. The relationship between media representations of prisons and public understanding of imprisonment is complex precisely because the prison carries multifarious symbolic meaning, which vary between different media and genres such as in television programs, including documentaries, dramas, and reality TV. Some may visualize prison as storage where maximum criminals are allocated per minimum spaces are in

  • Why Should Celebrities Commit Crime

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    Two groups of people were arguing about should celebrities face stricter penalties when they committed crimes. One side agreed with stricter penalties come out with the reason celebrities have influence power on people, and celebrities can easily bail themselves out of the jail or pay for the fines. On the other hand, people fight back with the reason human were all equal in front of law and god, and celebrities have already lost their privacy so why being so cruel to them.When celebrities commit

  • Post Prison Incarceration

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    In order to outlive the prison experience, inmates are constrained to endure great psychological changes. Noetic harm inflicted whilst imprisonment as well the challenges posed have only grown over the last several decades. These challenges include a much-discussed de-emphasis on rehabilitation as an objective of imprisonment along with rigorous policies and conditions of solitary confinement. Thus, creating prisons more troublesome places to adapt and sustain oneself. Adjustment to advanced imprisonment

  • Pros And Cons Of Prison Incarceration

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    Introduction Incarceration is a growing problem in the United States. Overall, the prison capacity has increased due to the frequency of custodial punishment, longer sentences, and high recidivism rates, which leaves approximately 60% of the prisons at maximum capacity (Ginn, 2012). This environment presents challenges for security as well as for prison healthcare practitioners. Since security is the major concern in these prison facilities, healthcare is a subsequent interest. However, if competent

  • Plea For Mercy Speech

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    In May 1924, two boys, Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb, sought to commit the perfect crime: kidnapping and murdering their 14-year-old neighbor, Robert Franks. However, instead of executing the perfect crime, they are apprehended the following day and sentenced to receive the death penalty. Their parents hire a defense attorney to represent Leopold and Loeb in court named Clarence Darrow, who made one of the most influential and well-known speeches against the death penalty: “A Plea for Mercy

  • The Importance Of Booty

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    Controlling stash ought to be the best need of any jail administration, paying little respect to the level of security. Booty is any thing that a detainee isn 't permitted to have (Frantz 178). Every restorative office furnish their detainees with food and lodging, attire, medicinal care, and essential cleanliness things. Some of these offices enable their detainees to purchase things from the grocery store or get different articles or things through other approved channels. Some other thing, beside

  • Theories Of Retributive Justice

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    Retributive theories of justice argue that punishment should be imposed for the crimes committed and the severity of the punishment should be proportionate to the seriousness of the crime. More than often, retributive punishment is confused with ideas of vengeance. It is generally argued that in case of retributive punishment, no limit can be set for revenge which thereby makes such revenge personal whereas the person administering such punishment may well have no personal connection with the victim

  • Essay: We Need To Kill The Death Penalty

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    We Need to Kill the Death Penalty Have you ever wondered what occurs to those who commit capital crimes? Well, these people go through horrible experiences. The death penalty, a sentence of execution, has been used across the world for many years. This practice of killing has caused many issues in a lot of countries, including our home, the United States. The death penalty is used to punish those that have committed repugnant and capital crimes, and there are many ways of execution for these

  • Criminal Justice Act Of 1964 Essay

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    Harold Wilson, the Labour Politician who became Prime Minister in 1964, passed the Criminal Justice Act of 1967, which introduced reform in three sections: the prison system and sentencing practises of courts, juvenile offenders and the law on murder. A suspended sentence was introduced which aimed at reducing mandatory prison sentences. Magistrates were encouraged to not give prison sentences to people who had only committed minor offences. This resulted in fewer people going to prison for crimes

  • The Death Penalty Is Still Necessary Essay

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    The jury stares at the criminal from across the room. They are coming up with the final verdict that will change the criminal’s life forever. What if you had the power in your hands to decide whether the criminal is going to have a life that will change, or no life at all? Capital punishment has been a political debate for years because people argue whether or not the punishment is humane or if it deters crime. I believe the death penalty should be continued because it deters crime, and serves proper

  • What Is The Death Penalty Effective

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    “The death penalty is not as effective as many people think.” The death penalty as a form of punishment for heavy crimes has been implemented worldwide for thousand years. Historically this punishment has always been associated with revenge and strength of power. Governments were using the death penalty to scare and suppress their enemies. The death penalty is still in “criminal law” of some of the countries and has a lot of opponents as well as I who think this punishment is not effective for the

  • Why The Death Penalty Harmful

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    Emma Damare Professor Jones English 103 5 February 2018 Death Penalty: More Harmful than Helpful The death penalty has been around causing problems for decades, starting before the 1800’s and still creating issues today. The only people who gain anything from having the death penalty is the government. This is because they determine whether or not the inmate is “curable” from their possible mental sickness based on the crime they commit. Some inmates

  • Attempted Murder Case Study

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    A murder is a punishable crime which involves the killing of one person by another. The basic elements of murder include killing someone with the intent to kill, killing someone one with the intent of serious body harm, killing someone with recklessness and killing someone through violence. In order to convict someone of an attempt to murder, there should be strong evidence which shows the suspect took a major step towards the target with the intention to kill. There are multiple court rulings in

  • Essay Against Freedom Of Speech

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    Clash Of The Voices George Washington once said, "If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter"(Grasso). Freedom of speech has been a delicate subject for a while now and it has escalated now because of the Charlottesville attack(Pearce). When it comes down to whether some free speech should be censored I think that it should be censored because if you start censoring people's beliefs and ideology you basically are killing the purpose of free

  • Hanging In A Hanging

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    The Normality of Death by Hanging In George Orwell’s, A Hanging, he describes his experience of the execution of a Hindu man in Burma, while serving as an Imperial police officer. While he describes the scene and prisoner’s execution as inhumane and brutal, it was normal to the surrounding people. By publicly taking away someone’s life while it had just begun and is in full motion, is inhumane, brutal, and sadly customary. Hanging has been used to punish criminals who committed infractions such

  • James Richardson's Innocence

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    Innocence is is a lack of guilt, with respect to any kind of crime, or wrongdoing. In a legal context, innocence refers to the lack of legal guilt of an individual, with respect to a crime. Being convicted of a crime and found not guilty later on can frustrate the convict and the convict’s family as the time spent behind bars, is time they will never get back. James Richardson was convicted and charged for murder and rape in Cross Lanes, West Virginia on May 18, 1989. First, Richardson noticed

  • Why It Is Important To Vote Essay

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    Why is it important to vote? voting is more important than the bullet. I think that is a really strong quote and i really like it because it has a sequences like jail or they could take you to court . That is why it is important to vote be cause we have a right to. “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”-Abraham Lincoln. This quote means One of the reasons not to vote is some presidents are for bad stuff. One president was voting for abortion. And other bad stuff like really

  • Inaccuracies In The Samurai

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    Further inaccuracies were found in the housing and living quarters of the Samurai warriors as Source 15 states that during the Edo period, the Samurai were required to reside in large castle-towns that were surrounded by more castles. The Imperial Emperor did insist that the Samurai rid themselves of their swords and armour but had not yet repossessed the homes of the Samurai (Source 17). However, the film depicts the Samurai’s living quarters as temporary and fragile as if the Samurai had been accustomed