What Is The Death Penalty Effective

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“The death penalty is not as effective as many people think.” The death penalty as a form of punishment for heavy crimes has been implemented worldwide for thousand years. Historically this punishment has always been associated with revenge and strength of power. Governments were using the death penalty to scare and suppress their enemies. The death penalty is still in “criminal law” of some of the countries and has a lot of opponents as well as I who think this punishment is not effective for the following reasons. First of all I believe this punishment violates the fundamental principles of human rights according to the United Nation’s Universal Declaration which says everyone has the right to life, liberty and security no matter what is their status, but unfortunately there is no prohibition against the death penalty in international law. There is no clue that the death penalty can reduce the crimes more than life imprisonment. It only can effects the pre-programmed crimes. So in the best case, the offender is aware of the legal consequences of his behavior. Criminal experts say that when the guilty conscious, planned the cruel crime, she is not thinking about being arrested so the death penalty cannot stop the murder. The death penalty is not…show more content…
For example, thousands of prisoners were executed in Iran, but the country is still struggling with the drug dealers. The other problem is that smugglers know their punishment so they are ready to kill the people to prevent their arrest so we have a lot of officers killed in these fights. The death penalty for this situation is like removing the question because they don’t know the answer. They are going to use drug-dealers bodies as a success to show if they cannot limit the drug-dealer activities at least they can punish them with highest possible
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