Death Penalty: Overpopulation In The United States

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The death penalty is a good thing at times it gets closure to the victim's families who've suffered a loss while Justice is being served. The United States isn't the only place that that still has the death penalty for certain crimes, other nations do as well. It's very beneficial when it comes to contributing to our issue of overpopulation in the prisons. If there's a lot of overpopulation it can be very difficult when prisoner's get loose to keep them in control as well as the costs of keeping them locked up presents an issue when coming out of tax. The death penalty becomes a tool of fighting with violence against murders who've not yet committed the crime, due to the fear of death or getting caught. So, in turn, the death penalty is helpful in saving lives. Even when there is an act of …show more content…

That yes we did use the penalty. So there's a small possibility this wouldn't happen again. These criminals look down upon by Society for a very good reason so that no one will suffer from them. Now imagine someone you loved being murdered by a criminal that lived down the street. It's disgusting and vile, there is no sympathy for the criminal's, only for the victims of murder, rape and more. The death penalty is it helping to overcome that anger inside you and allowing your emotions to overcome your loss letting you move on with life knowing that Justice was served for those who were wronged. On the other hand according to the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution disapproved the use of cruel and unusual punishment. I have to say with violating this amendment we are taking our court system and using it for the wrong purpose. If you think about it, we are killing the Killer, we are becoming the criminals. The prisoners basically in

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