Should The Death Penalty Be Illegal Essay

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The Death Penalty, loss of life due to previous crimes and actions, is believed by some to be extremely costly, inhumane, and cruel unlike some others whom believe it is just, right, and provides closure. The Death Penalty is not a quick and easy process. Most who get sentenced to deaths row wait years for their ultimate punishment of death. Some believe that it is not right to punish and kill a human for actions they have done because, they believe that the inmate should have another chance. Then others believe that it is right to punish someone for their actions especially if their actions involve killing another or multiple humans. The death penalty, is the loss of life, which is induced by different tactics. The most common methods in the United States is lethal injection, hanging, firing squad, and the electric chair. The most chosen method by inmates is lethal injection. Lethal injection consists of the inmate being strapped to an operating table or gurney and a trained medical doctor will place two needles into the veins of the arms(Death Penalty Information Center). Connecting to the needles will be IV tubes which go through the wall which are attached to where the drugs are inserted (Death …show more content…

Some of the crimes that are punished by death are murder, drug trafficking, adultery, and witchcraft. In most countries, the top ways of execution and most common are electrocutions. hanging, shooting ,and the most common is Lethal Injection (Death Penalty: Pros and Cons). Some also claim that the death penalty does not always follow the rules that the death penalty is suppose to be clean, quiet and humane. A man sentenced to the death penalty named Joseph Wood who had murdered two people have a long stretched death. When sentencing someone to death the requirements are it is supposed to be quiet, clean and humane. Woods execution took 2 hours to accomplish

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