Essay: We Need To Kill The Death Penalty

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We Need to Kill the Death Penalty Have you ever wondered what occurs to those who commit capital crimes? Well, these people go through horrible experiences. The death penalty, a sentence of execution, has been used across the world for many years. This practice of killing has caused many issues in a lot of countries, including our home, the United States. The death penalty is used to punish those that have committed repugnant and capital crimes, and there are many ways of execution for these guilty prisoners. In my opinion, implementation is not justified punishment in any way possible. Therefore, no person, even with high authority, should have the right to determine another's life-based on that person's crime. The death penalty has been around since the beginning of time, but our country got the idea of using the death penalty when British Settlers traveled to the United States in 1607 (Part 1). Today, our government plans the death penalty when a person commits a major crime. The death penalty has been a protested subject for many years. Those that support this awful crime are strongly passionate about it, which is why both supporters and …show more content…

There are two human rights that the death penalty breaks. The first is that people have the right to refuse torture. Second, that people have the right to live. These rights are in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a national document that states fundamental freedoms for all humans (We). I believe that every human has the right to be forgiven. Yes, we all make bad decisions, especially those that harm others, but in the end, everyone needs to love and forgive one another. Supporting life should always be a top priority (BBC). Just imagine having a job of killing humans because of their sinful actions (The). Overall, execution is false in every aspect of human

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