Should The Death Penalty Be Outlawed In The United States?

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Should the Death Penalty be outlawed through the United States? Since the beginning of executions, people have had a negative or positive view on the death penalty. Capital Punishment has created a huge debate between whether the government should make the death penalty illegal or legal.The cause of this has made 19 States to make the death penalty illegal. People who are for say and “eye for an eye” should be taken more seriously but the people who are against say no one deserves to die. If you are for or against the death penalty, the question is Do you believe a human being should be killed for one’s actions? Who deserves the Death Penalty? Many people will argue about this topic but in fact based on the law the people who get sent to the death penalty are cold blooded murders. The citizens that are in favor of this believe in the code of hammurabi which is “an eye for an eye”. Meaning if a person injures or kills someone they should receive the same or worst punishment for them to learn from their mistakes. However because of this, this has caused many innocent people to be executed. The people that oppose the death penalty have many reasons on why they believe it is wrong and that is including one of them. Senate Judiciary Committee, is suggesting as an alternative "a real life sentence" for murder and "heinous crimes." Instead of putting these criminals that “ Deserve the death penalty to be executed sentence them life without parole. Senate Judiciary

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