8th Amendment Essay

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The Eighth Amendment is all about punishment. In the Amendment it states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”, as well as allowing the Death Penalty. I believe this Amendment is right. Because of the fact that cruel and unusual punishment wouldn’t be fun, I believe the Death Penalty should be legal, and excessive fines would be crushing to our economy. Cruel and unusual punishment would not be fun. Some of the cruel and unusual punishments the government could put on us could be pretty much anything. Like liking peanut butter of a rhino’s foot, eat crayon, or even permanently dye your skin pink. That would not be fun at all. Much to cruel and unusual. If we didn’t have this Amendment, then our criminals wouldn’t be granted justice, they would be tortured in the strangest ways possible. Plus, our government has some very imaginative minds they. It would be scary to see some of the things they could conjure up to punish those. They could have the power to whatever they want to you. Heck, they could force you to sit in a movie theater with all of your crushes, and see the worst photos of you ever. That would be terrible. But with the Eighth Amendment, we are protected from being wrapped in Christmas Lights! It is a great amendment that allows me to sleep without knowing I could sit on thorns for hours. The Death Penalty, I believe, is right. Many people believe it is a terrible thing, because of

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