Why Is The Sixth Amendment Important

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The 6th amendment of the constitution is not an amendment to be over looked but one to be thoughtfully used in all persecutions. This amendment was ratified for various reasons which are not very understandably simple. Many issues were held in the upcoming years before this amendment was ratified, but what exactly were the issues? American citizens have a great and unbounded benefit from this amendment which cannot be taken away. This amendment grants American citizens rights in many ways. If this amendment was not ratified and we stood today as Americans without this amendment our country would be crazy. In an opinion of ones own this amendment is probably the most important overall. The Sixth Amendment was created simply because the Founding Fathers wanted to protect the rights of the accused. The objected were too many of the ways the Americans were treated by the British in matters of both crime and justice. This Amendment provides protections from unfair methods of prosecution and investigation which is therefore illegal according to the Sixth Amendment. Some of these rights however were given to English citizens and…show more content…
The most important thing is that it simply provides citizens with the framework for our criminal legal systems. This Amendment is very important because it states American Citizens’ rights and what they are upheld to follow when they have been accused of a crime. This Amendment also prevents a defendant from sitting in prison longer than they are going to have too, which are using up other American tax dollars. I like this Amendment because it is impartial and without delay (unless for necessary reasoning). It does not give too much power to the jury nor the defendant. This Amendment was founded to protect people in America who have been accused of a criminal defense. With this Amendment, we as America will always endeavor and blaze the trail of opportunity, prosperity, and
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