First Ten Amendments Of The US Constitution

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The US Constitution is a document based on the US Federal government’s law and it presents legal checks and balance for the branches of government. The reasoning behind this system was to give an in depth set of values and guidelines for the American people. It is separated into three parts: The Articles, the Bill of Rights, and the changes and additions.
The initial three articles are written to establish the responsibilities, powers, and balance each branch the federal government has. Article one is about the Legislative branch, the second article is about the Executive branch, and third article is about the judicial branch. The fourth article explains the relationship between powers and rights of the state and federal government. Article five describes how including additional amendments works, and the procedures for making them. Article six …show more content…

The first amendment establishes the people the right to freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and to petition. The second amendment establishes the peoples’ right to have weapons and the third amendment protects them from being forced to house the military. Due to the Fifth Amendment, Citizens’ protection from unreasonable search and seizure was put in place, as for the sixth amendment Americans has a right to an attorney and a fair trial in the court of law by an impartial jury of his or her peers. The Seventh amendment gives citizens the right to a trial by jury if there are claims exceeding twenty dollars made, and the eighth amendment makes it illegal for bail to exceed an price the contrast to the crime committed, and prevents cruel and unusual punishment by a court of law. The ninth amendment protects what may be later seen as a right, and finally, the tenth amendment gives states the right to establish laws that has yet been established by the federal

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