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Homeless In “Homeless” written by Anna Quildlen, she writes about a woman—homeless—that she met named Ann passing through the Port Authority terminal. While Quildlen is convince that the shelter is an alternative for homeless to somewhere to stay, instead of living on the street or any bus station, Ann explains that shelter cannot replace the impression of a real home. Personally, I do not like and absolutely did not enjoy the concept and the message that the essay was trying to portray. The essay was well written, however; I found it deeply delicate and societally manipulated. In the beginning, the author—it seems, though— she attempted to connect with the reader’s attention emotionally. Though, I felt like she focused more on—pitifully—labelling and illuminating a picture of a hopelessly homeless women. I felt like the author emphasized and consumed more on describing the negative aspects of homeless people, instead of recognizing them as a victims who deserve our support and compassion. We—the society we are living in are treating them as criminals who deserved a …show more content…

Many of us are more fortunate than others and have never been put in a situation where we have been abandoned and have no place to sleep, and nothing to eat. It is disturbing to see the way homeless people are being treated and chattered about by the society. Unfairly, homeless people feel out-casted because of the label society has placed them. Characteristically, many people believe that being homeless is a choice and these people have every opportunity to better themselves. In reality, we do not realized that many homeless people were born into poverty and it is hard for them to get back on the right track, but it would be much easier for them if they had help from the

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