Stereotypes Of Homelessness Essay

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It is disheartening when the homeless is being treated poorly by other people. Some

people think of the homeless as someone who is inferior or dirty. But , in spite of the all those

negative stereotypes you will be quite surprised by how some of the homeless have a positive

outlook maybe because they go through a lot more in life, they learned how to live life and not

just simply surviving it.

There are about 3.5 million Americans who are homeless each year. Homelessness

will always be present. People who are experiencing unfortunate events such as

unemployment, illness, substance abuse are among the vast reasons of homelessness.

There is a legislation being advanced by the California assembly to protect the

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There are days that I unintentionally do not take notice of the homeless, simply

because most of the time, I am busy with the tasks that I have to do. But, they should be

included and not ignored. Homelessness will always be present. There are always be

people who will experience arduous times. We do not necessarily need to give money or

food to the homeless, because sometimes we really do not have anything else to give. The

least we can do is to take notice, so that they do not feel alone.

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In conclusion, I think people should be more sensitive to homelessness. Many of us

complain on how we have been eating the same type of food , wearing the same kind of

clothes, when there are some people who does not have anything to eat, clothes to wear

and a place to live. There are some people who would do everything for a hot meal and not

eat off a garbage can. It is sad how ungrateful we are sometimes. Life is simple

but it is just not easy. You don 't judge people by the way they are living, because you do not

have the knowledge to what they are going through. Who knows, it could be you

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