Hunger In America Essay

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Hunger is a serious problem throughout the world, but today I will be focusing on hunger in america. Just for reference, I don’t mean the time between breakfast and lunch. I mean people who don 't know where their next meal is coming from, or are starving. I will be delving into the problems that exist, systems set up to help people do, and what an average person can do. First of all, food stability is described as “a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food,” by the USDA. The USDA also states that 48.1 million people in the United States were food instable. That is 14 percent of the population, and in Alabama the number is 16.8 percent. Also, 19% of these houses had children. Obviously, hunger …show more content…

At this point some of you may be thinking, why don 't these people just work themselves out of poverty, or that these people are just lazy. Well for the vast majority that just isn 't the case. Many people are born in poverty stricken homes, and their minds could have been ruined because they did not eat enough to sustain their bodies. Some people are also mentally ill, and have been left. These mentally ill people can’t take care of themselves and are often left with no one to feed or care for them. These people aren 't just lazy, no matter your preconceptions of them. There are also some ways you can help hunger. You can donate food to food drives, which are not the most efficient, but still help the needy. Donating time to food banks is also crucial. Food banks receive a lot of food during certain times of the year, like holidays, and they need someone to sort the food. Donating money to food banks is also great. Food banks can often buy produce from farmers, or food that is not sold from grocery stores. This way, people can now receive nourishing food from food banks, instead of canned food. In short, many people around the United States suffer from food instability and hunger. People can’t always help the situations they are in, but there are things almost everyone can do to help the hunger situation in

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