Documentary Summary: A Place At The Table

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Who do you imagine when someone says food insecurity or hunger? Do you imagine someone severely underweight? Or maybe children in third world countries because surely hunger isn 't here in the United states. But, in fact, hunger is here in the United States, the documentary A Place at the Table defines someone who is food insecure as someone who does not know where their next meal is coming from, they have no idea how to manage, find, or afford food. Now who do you imagine when someone says food insecurity or hunger? Food insecurity is not just a lack of food, food insecurity can also mean someone has a lack of nutritious food. There are two types of food insecurity, there is food insecurity with hunger and food insecurity without hunger. Food insecurity with hunger is when someone goes a period of time without any food, while food insecurity without hunger is when someone has food to eat but it does not fulfill nutritional needs. A person who is food insecure without hunger may live in a food desert. A food desert is a place where there is no healthy food around so someone would have to drive to get healthy food. So how do we solve the problem of food insecurity? What are we doing to help? Well, In the discussion of food insecurity and solutions many arguments have been brought forward. One argument being, community gardens are the solution, while the other side saying food pantries is the best solution to food …show more content…

One of which being Community gardens, the other being food pantries and the final solution being solving the issue of inequality. A mixture of all three solutions would be ideal to helping solve hunger in the United States. Food pantries should still be a resource to those in need and gardening and cooking should be a skill everyone has. As a community people can come together and give to each other in their time of need, while we work to solve the issue of inequality in the United

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