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Fed Up is a documentary made in 2014 that is based on the issues caused by the American food industry. Fed Up, uncovers America’s true secrets about the food people consume every day. More specifically, it reveals the affect sugar has on people’s bodies. As a result, the amount of sugar in food, the bodies consent of glucose, and the satisfying taste it brings, too much sugar could cause certain sicknesses causing the body to not work the way it supposed to. To start off, the amount of sugar put in America’s food is predominately high. When it comes to nutrition labels on food packaging, it only shows the amount of sugar in grams, never in percent. This gimmicks people into thinking that its not much sugar in the product they’re eating, because while the grams seem small, people are unaware of the actual amount of sugar placed into the product. Moving on, since the 1900s, obese rates in America have drastically increased in the 2000s. This meaning that people are starting to eat more food, with sugar they did not even know was in there. This is unfair to the people who develop diseases and illnesses, like getting obese, diabetes or cancer, because of the unknown amount of sugar placed into the food. Sugar is highly dangerous to the body, so …show more content…

Our bodies take in the glucose and turn it into energy we can then use. When we let glucose in, we are raising our insulin and glucose levels. Insulin is the hormone in people’s bodies that grants glucose access into our bloodstreams. However, insulin keeps our blood levels from raising or lowering, and it stores the fat to use for energy later on. Unfortunately, people have no control over the insulin function, though they do have control over the types of food they eat that contain certain amounts of glucose. In order to prevent the negative effects that come with sugar, people need to slow down on consuming it so

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