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Persuasive Presentation Outline

Presentation Topic: To persuade my audience to become a volunteer of FoodFinderFoodBank in their free time.


I. Attention Getter: Andrew is disabled and lived in Newtown, Indiana alone. He lived on food stamps every month, but the amount of food stamps was always so limited. With the current relief then, it just not enough for him through every month. He felt hard and helpless, because he can’t do anything to change the situation.
II. Credibility Statement: At First, I thought hunger only exit in developing poverty country, like Africa or South Asian or the area happened natural disaster. However after I do a lot of research, the number of hunger people in America, it really surprise me. I …show more content…

However the recent riots that even destroyed some of the convenience stores on which many rely.)

Directional transition: Now you know the how the hunger can damage our society, next I want to discuss to a volunteer of food finder food bank can really make difference in our community.

II. Joining Food Finder Food Bank can really make difference to directly help people.
(Until now FoodFinder is already distributed more than seven million pounds of food through the 16 counties.)

A. The volunteer system in Food Finder Food Bank is well developed and efficient
. 1. FoodFinderFoodBank is working with FeedingAmerica the most official organization to fight hunger problem in America 2. As a volunteer you can help about: sort the donation, package bulk food item, make laundry soap, whistle stop distribution and so on. B. The volunteer can also help the heart more than help stomach.
(The testimony about Matthew who volunteers for a year, he thought he felt honor that he is able to serve people who need littlie

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